Roof Obstructions and Vents

Roof Obstructions and Vents

As you are capturing data about roofs, you will want to pay special attention to roof obstructions and vents. Obstructions and vents are areas where the roofing material has to be cut and installed around to allow for something other than the roof material. Obstructions can be things like sky lights, satellite dish installs, solar panels, etc. Vents are components of the roof that allow air, vapor, or gasses to flow through the roof for ventilation.

Types of Vents

Turbine Vent

  • Generally used to force fresh air into attic space

Power Vent

  • Low profile vent with interior fan

Static Vent

  • Typically no fan, just allows air to naturally flow into attic space
  • Most common types of static vents are:
  • O’Hagan Vent
  • Dormer Vent
  • Gable Vent

Pipe Vent

  • Two general types of pipe vents: Heat Vents and Plumbing Vent
  • Heat vents are generally made out of metal and have a hood
  • Plumbing vents are normally made out of PVC 

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