Index - What is covered - How you should approach this course

If you see something I shot and compare it to yours and you feel bad DON'T. Remember I've been doing this for years but I also don't show you the 15 bad photos for every 1 great photo. It's how you learn.

Remember sucking at something is the first step to becoming sort of good at something.

So what are you?

Eager Beaver that wants the info NOW and can learn super fast?

If you (like me) learn software super quickly and just need to follow which buttons are being pressed and need general guidance, you could probably nip down to the chapter called Really Juicy stuff where I do an edit top to bottom live. (Shooting Panarama up close, merging in Lightroom, using brushes for precise adjustments.) It will give you a super crash course on what these photos take to look incredible, and this is what everybody on Instagram with tons of shares is doing.

I want to know exactly what I'm talking about and understand this all so well I can do it anywhere anytime.

Then all these lessons have everything you need to be very successful at this. Copying the buttons vs. being able to survive on your own in any situation are different things. I have tons of bad examples of what you shouldn't do at the very least to save you from screwing up as often as I did when starting out.

In this course, we cover:

Before your Shoot

  • Software – the best, what you need and why you need it
  • Equipment – cards, drones,
  • Shooting Format and why it will change your game
  • 3D mapping online to scout the best scenery shoot

Framing the Shot

  • Symmetry for an easy win
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Bad Angles
  • Examples of good framing

Easy ways to improve your shots FAST

  • Avoiding instant photo-ruiners
  • Don’t be scared to be close to the ground
  • Some simple tools in the App to get better shots

Camera Settings during the shoot

  • My settings I always use and why
  • The best Formats for shooting stills
  • Shutter explained, why it matters
  • Which Color Profile is best
  • Exposure meter and how to live by it

Correcting the Mavic’s Default Blur (optional)

  • Why the Mavic is creating this and how to stop it

Adobe Lightroom – Intro to your Game Changer:

  • Importing photos for the first time
  • Shadows/Highlights, your two best friends in Lightroom
  • Altering settings and what each meter means

Adobe Lightroom – Balancing Settings like a master

  • Applying the sliders in Lightroom with balance
  • How settings work best in unison and how not to ruin it
  • Don’t Sharpen too much
  • Why vibrance beats saturation
  • Lens Correction for Camera inconsistencies
  • Syncing settings in batch to save you years of work
  • Artsy alternative styles
  • Duplicating photos to make multiple edits
  • Exporting your photos best to share with the world

Fixing Photo issues in Lightroom

  • Masking – why use it – how it saves your life
  • Application of masking on sunsets
  • Adjustment brush for particular areas
  • Changing color/lighting in one section only

Removing unsightly objects and cleaning landscape

  • Spot removal tool
  • Using it the best/fastest way

Shooting a Sunset from start to finish

  • Shutter settings for extreme brights and shadows
  • Finding a good angle to bring out the magic
  • Lightroom settings to consider first
  • Enhancing those colors

Bracketing (AEB) for Extreme lighting conditions

  • AEB explained simply
  • Setting it up in the app
  • Exposing with AEB correctly
  • Combining photos to Merge in Lightroom
  • Editing AEB to show the wholeeee range

Luxury Condo Start to Finish

  • Taking off with a few goals in mind
  • Capturing the target while including the surroundings
  • Mindful exposure settigns for mid-day real estate shooting
  • Another AEB
  • Shooting HDR for JPEG
  • Finding my most useful angles
  • Importing to Lightroom – which photos are winners
  • Merging/Coloring AEB in mid-day conditions
  • A great solution to harsh mid-day shadows when shooting against the sun

Color Profile for JPEG

  • Be careful of default
  • Better settings and why you need them (shadows)

Panoramic Photos with DJI Drones

  • Setup in the App
  • Shooting a Panoramic
  • Software for stitching
  • Why you should do this as often as possible to stand out
  • Exporting for JPEG or 3D viewable web

Equipment – Do I need any filters?

  • Filters that waste time and money
  • Polarizers – when and when not to
  • Before/after

The REALLY good stuff - applying all these things we learned to make brilliant photos

  • Awesome Tricks for Low-Light Photography (I won an award from the city for this one)
  • Cinderella Castle (Neuschwanstein) top to bottom (30 minutes)
  • Hyperlapse - Moving Timelapse (adobe premiere pro required)

Some advice on finding more work, where to post

Complete and Continue