Great Big Outline to get you really pumped about Drones (Who is this Guy? What we gonna learn?)

How to go into this course:

DON'T be discouraged if your stuff isn't as good right away. DON'T compare it to mine right away. If you're bad, that's fine. Sucking is the first step to becoming sort of good at something. Remember that I've been doing this for years, if you see something I filmed and wonder how I got it and why yours isn't as good on try number one, remember that I had 4 worse-looking versions of that shot before you saw mine.

1. I have been doing this for a decade and 2. I'm only showing you the best parts. For every 10 seconds you see there are 50 terrible seconds. So get really good at being bad at stuff, love the chase of trying/failing because finally nailing something, clicking "Play" and seeing that you DID nail that timelapse will make you shriek with pleasure so hard you fart.

After effects animations, 3D modeling... Those are things that do take a decade to learn. Drone Video? ...I just want to make it clear that what I show you in this course IS very doable. You CAN get good at each technique after 1 or 2 goof-ups. Don't get discouraged and if you need help you can always email me

[email protected]

Lesson #1

Honestly, this will be much faster if you just watch the video, I move through things pretty quickly but you'll learn it much faster by watching the videos in each chapter to see where all the buttons are. BUT if its 2am and you don't want to wake up your cat, there are written portions of each chapter.


My name is Alex Harris, I'm a video editor, after effects animator, camera operator, licensed drone pilot. I've directed stuff, I've edited for networks (Discovery Health, FOX Sports, HGTV, things like that) Short films, commercials, weddings, lots of boring corporate stuff. I've been a DP (Director of Photography ((Camera Guy, basically)) for 8 years now (professionally.) I am here as your spirit guide to help you through the arduous journey of Video Editing.


Yes, it is, good thing I have no life.
But the full saying is Jack of all Trades, Master of None - Sometimes better than master of One.



Here is something recent I've filmed <3

In this course we will address:

Equipment and Preparation:

  • Equipment - What do you Need and what do you not?
  • Drone Comparison - Model head to head with picture comparisons for Price/Picture Quality
  • Computer Requirements & What to upgrade first (also Apple products)
  • Maximizing your drones potential & Best Camera Settings for the best Cinematic Image (with multiple models of drones)
  • (Optional) Comparison between Phantom 3 standard - Mavic Pro - Phantom 4 Pro (small update includes Mavic 2 Pro)

Basics of Video - Talk the Talk (yes you need to know this)

  • Basics of Video - Data Rate, Resolution, Frame Rate

Before the Flight - Improve your shots instantly with this Prepwork

  • Best Settings for Smooth, Cinematic Flying (not picture - they are different)
  • Plan your route before-hand, shoot calmly
  • Drone Pilots #1 Amateur Mistake - Herky Jerky and how to fix gimbal/flight settings
  • Final detail for the Cinematic Image (24fps with ND filters)
  • (Optional for Mavic Owners) Fixing the Mavic's artificial blurring issue (not sure if Mavic 2 does this yet)

Flying, Filming, Cinematography - In the Field

  • Before you Fly - Dos and Do NOTs for Great Shots
  • Easy and Good Looking Shots to go for TODAY to up your game
  • What the Heck should you aim for when filming? Photography Principles, Rule of thirds, balance, symmetry

Editing Part 1 - Intro to Video Editing (finally)

  • Basics of Editing - about the software
  • Settings - Optimizing the PC for faster Editing & Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Timeline movement, Importing your First Video
  • Organizing Multiple Videos on the Timeline Quickly
  • Create a Proxy to Speed up Editing and Maximize your PC (even an old one)

Editing Part 2 - Planning your edit, 2nd level adjustments, even FASTER movement

  • How to Keep people interested - Organizing your footage
  • Choosing your Best Stuff and quickly moving through all that footage
  • Hiding things in the Scenery - Scale, Position, Visibility
  • Titles - Standard Text effects vs. The Classy and Mature Look you'll want to show mom

Editing Level 3 - Bringing the Fire - Bells and Whistles

  • Color Correction - Bringing the Footage to Life
  • Color Grading to get the Cinematic Look
  • Fixing too bright/too dark footage
  • Adding Music and Audio controls

Finalizing - Effects, Transitions, and Touch-Ups to take it Next Level

  • Tidying Up that Edit to make it SHINE - Effects and Timing
  • Tidying pt 2 - FINAL Edits, Effects and Timing
  • Saving your Edit to show the World - Export Settings for Best Quality

Live Shoot/Edit from Start to Finish (LONG)

  • Live Shoot/Edit Top to Bottom Part 1: Shooting and Cinematography in the Field
  • Live Shoot/Edit Top to Bottom Part 2: Organizing/Coloring
  • Live Shoot/Edit Top to Bottom Part 3: Editing with Style

Other Tricks and Fixes

  • Adding Logos and Photos tastefully (Keyframing)
  • Selecting Groups and Clips Faster - Seperating Audio/Video
  • Fill Gaps with Rate Stretch and Frame-Hold (so handy)
  • Warp Stabilizer to Fix Shaky Footage
  • Shooting Slow-Motion Correctly & Frame Rates

Troubleshooting - FAQs - Comments

  • Troubleshooting Issues