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The Ultimate Guide to Shooting, Editing, and Profiting from Epic Aerial Video

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Aerial Video A to Z is for these people...

What is Aerial Video A to Z?

AVAZ is an online course that's designed to be your final source to learn Drone Videography - filming, flying, and editing.

Why Should I Sign Up?

Courses are dynamic. When new drones, software, techniques, and equipment come out, AVAZ is updated with tried and true methods to save you time and to show you how to unlock your drone's real potential.

There is also a community of like-minded drone pilots waiting for you in our Facebook Group where you can discuss drones, share your work, post questions, find out how other people make money and handle job types, or just talk about anything related to aerial video.

Recent Extras I've Added:

  • My Editor's Kit of Effects, Presets, Titles and Transitions (20 light leaks, 20 flares, 15 Animated Titles, 4 Text blocks, 4 Cinematic Titles, Voice Enhancement/Compression preset you hear me using on narration, ) just drag and drop your footage in premiere

  • 4k footage to download and practice, as well the footage I use in the lessons for you to match
  • Private Facebook group for a community to post, discuss, and ask for feedback
  • Hyperlapse on any DJI Drone tutorial/download added

  • Support from me - email, screenshare, facebook group - whatever to help if you're stuck
  • My Smooth flying presets in the Aerial Video Cheat Sheet downloadable PDF
  • 80 minutes of Business/Marketing recently added (January 2020)
  • Top to bottom - Shoot to Edit live walkthrough making a video in my city (Aerial Video Apprentice)

Check out the Course Curriculum below



Have you ever wondered how some drone pilots are able to work with top-tier clients and brands?

They just seem to be able to create stunning aerial video that looks and feels so professional, stunning, and cinematic (like this...)

You might be tempted to think…

“I could NEVER make something that looks that great."

I know it can seem overwhelming.

Maybe you’ve thought...

  • “How do I stand out when it seems like everyone and their nephew has a drone?"
  • “I don’t even know where to start."
  • “What software I should be using for editing?"
  • “What settings are best for my drone?"
  • “Do I need to be using filters and other tools?"
  • “How do I get those smooth movements with my drone?"
  • “How do I tweak the color and picture settings in the editing software to get that professional look?"

If you've ever had thoughts like these, keep reading...

Over the last few years at Drone Launch Academy, I’ve discovered the key ingredients behind how some drone pilots are able to work only with high-end clients and charge thousands, while others struggle to get by.

Below, I’m going to show you…

  • The 2-key differentiators between the uber-successful drone pilots and the ones that flop about and drown
  • What you need to do so you don’t have to scrounge for drone jobs going to the lowest bidder, and
  • How you can equip yourself to break into the commercial drone space, even if you’re just a hobbyist right now.

I’ve talked to a lot of drone pilots over the years who aren’t satisfied with where they’re at.

They got into the drone industry with big hopes and dreams.

Some were recently retired from their years of hard work and wanted to make some side income by flying drones.

Some were in jobs that paid the bills (but not one they were passionate about) and saw drones as a way to forge a new path into an exciting and lucrative field.

They got some money together, went out and bought the latest DJI drone, set it up and learned how to fly it around without killing any innocent bystanders, maybe they filmed a cool video of their kids or grandkids playing soccer.

Then they went out to try to find some of this fabled and luxurious “drone pilot work”!

Maybe you’ve tried some of their approaches…

You walk up to a real estate agent and offer to take some drone photos and video of a listing they have. The real estate agent asks you how much you charge. You tell them your price. They get back to you and say, “well, my friend’s 14-year-old nephew just got a drone and he can do it for half the price. Sorry.”

Or maybe you head over to one of the popular drone job sites on the internet. Clients just lining up to give you work? Sounds great!

But then you look at the payouts… $50 to take some photos of a property that’s an hour away. $100 to shoot some video that’s going to take you half a day with drive time.

At that rate you might be better off getting a job at your local fast food joint.

(Don’t get me wrong, at the very beginning, it might be worth taking some of those low paying gigs so you can get some flying experience and test out the waters.)

But you aren’t going to make a satisfying living doing that type of work. And did you really jump into the drone industry to be making peanuts on small gigs?

What if there was a way where you didn’t have to compete with the 14-year-old nephew with a drone?

Or scrounge for low paying drone gigs on the internet?

Imagine that you had a drone business where you had a reputation for being the BEST.

Where potential clients saw your drone reel and went, “Wow! That’s exactly what we need.”

A business where people shared your work with family, friends, and colleagues to say, “Look what so-and-so made! Isn’t that awesome! It looks like a Hollywood commercial!”

In that type of drone business, no potential client is going to say to you, “Well, my friend’s 14-year-old nephew has a drone…”

Because the clients that you will be able to get DON’T WANT to hire Mr. 14-year-old nephew. They want to hire YOU. And they don’t care that you are 2x, 3x, or even 5x more expensive.

Because the clients you’ll be able to get don’t shop solely on price. They shop on quality. They know that they get what they pay for, and they know you have the skill and expertise to deliver what they want.

How do you make a drone business like that a reality?

I mentioned before that I’ve had the opportunity to talk with tons of drone pilots over the year, and I’ve seen TWO key ingredients that separates the uber-successful from the ones that struggle.

Ingredient #1

Uber-successful drone pilots know that owning a drone and being able to fly it doesn’t make them special.

They know that it’s WHAT THEY CAN CREATE from what the drone captures that makes them special.

Just like cooking… anyone can go out and buy the raw ingredients (maybe some beef short-ribs and asparagus?), but not everyone can run a high-end restaurant that charges $300 per person for that dish.

If you or I tried to cook up some beef short-ribs and asparagus and sell it to a hungry crowd, we could maybe get $20 for it.

What’s the difference between us and the world-class chef that charges $300 for something made from the same raw ingredients? That chef has dedicated his time and energy into INTENTIONALLY honing his craft, where he can create something that people love. Something that no one else can create.

The same is true with drones. With the proper training and effort, you can learn to create something beautiful, something that wows people, something that the “14-year-old” nephew isn’t able to create, even though you both have the same “raw materials.”

You INTENTIONALLY honed your craft. You are a true professional.

You'll be able to create things like this...

Ingredient #2

Uber-successful drone pilots are able to effectively get the word out about their work and win business. They make beautiful, eye-catching demo reels, tailored specifically for their ideal client, and they are able to build genuine relationships that are founded on trust.

But before you can tackle ingredient #2, you have to master ingredient #1.

We know there are plenty of people out there that WANT a successful drone business and are WILLING to put in the work. They want to master the skills necessary to have an uber-successful drone business.

They just want some guidance. They just need to know how to get started.

That’s why we created Aerial Video A to Z.

Your complete guide to shooting, editing, and profiting from epic aerial video (even if you're just a beginner).

Here are a few screenshots from the course...

In Aerial Video A to Z you'll learn...

  • What type of equipment (computers, software, drones) you do AND don’t need;
  • How to tweak the settings on your drone to capture the best looking picture (we cover all of the most popular DJI models and give you applicable advice, even if you have a different drone);
  • The basic of video: resolution, frame rate, the difference between .mp4 and .mov file formats and when is best to use each;
  • Pre-flight planning and how to avoid amateur mistakes;
  • Flying, filming, and cinematography - teaching you what to aim for and how to capture those super smooth drone shots;
  • How to CORRECTLY film slow motion footage;
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs of the editing software, so you know EXACTLY what to do and where to go (so it’s not overwhelming);
  • Pro tricks for speeding up the editing process and workarounds for dealing with 4k footage (note: 4k footage traditionally takes a LONG time to work with since its so big…but we have a shortcut);
  • Advanced editing techniques like...
  • How to arrange your footage to be the most visually appealing and keep viewers engaged;
  • How to fix shots when something ugly is in the corner of your frame;
  • How to fix shaky footage so it’s still usable;
  • The right way to put in titles, logos, and other graphic items;
  • How to go from flat and bland footage to video that pops with the perfect color balance;
  • Salvaging footage that is too bright (overexposed) or too dark (underexposed);
  • Adding music - where to find it, how to line it up with your video for maximum impact; and
  • How to export your work so that its shareable but still maintains great quality.

AND, as an added bonus...

We included a COMPLETE job shadow walkthrough where Alex takes you along a live shoot so you can see his workflow from start to finish.

(Flying, filming, editing, color correcting, effects, exporting...the whole thing).

This way you can follow along and apply all of the steps you've learned throughout the course and practice them from start to finish.

Course Curriculum

  Basics of Video - Talk the Talk (yes you need to know this, you apply it all immediately)
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days after you enroll

What Others Are Saying...

testimonial from successful student job

"In one weekend, I learned more about video editing than I thought possible...

...and I knew NOTHING about Premiere Pro - but now I can actually work with some extremely powerful software.

I really appreciated the walkthrough video at the end where he shows a video from start to finish.

This really is a nice finishing touch to summarize everything that was taught during the course!

I KNOW I’ll be referencing this course again and again!

- Robert Nix

Want to see for yourself?

If you want to take a sneak peek into the course, we've opened up two modules totally free for you to check out.

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What’s it all worth?

Our goal with this course is to go overboard with value.

We know that in the online world today, people are being sold to all of the time.

We don't want to be just another noisy promotion that makes a ton of outrageous claims. But we do want to show you the value of what you'll get with you sign up for Aerial Video A to Z.

We've done our best to base the numbers below on REAL data and not just some arbitrary numbers that we made up to make it look more valuable than it really is.

What you’ll get when you sign up for Aerial Video A to Z (and what it's worth)…

  • Lifetime access to all the modules with over 320 minutes of video instruction for gear, settings, flying, filming, editing, color correcting, adding effects, mixing audio, and exporting at max quality...along with text guides ($797 value)
  • 71 clips of 4k stock drone footage for you to work with throughout the course (note: 4k stock drone footage is selling for $100 or more per clip on the world’s most popular stock footage site, Pond5 - see screenshot below. So this is actually a $7,100 value)
  • Unlimited email or facebook support from Alex and our team (Value = Priceless...jk) I wasn't going to try to put a number on this, but Alex bills his time out at $200 per hour. See screenshot below.

If you add that all up, it comes to over $7,897 worth of value that you are getting in this course.

(Again, I know that sounds pretty high, but we did our best to base these on REAL numbers.)

Your Instructor

Alex Harris
Alex Harris

Alex Harris is an award-winning drone pilot, videographer, photographer, and film editor.

He has worked on projects for large networks and corporations such as HGTV, Nike, Intel, ESPN, and Discovery Health.

As a former Hollywood editor for network TV and film, Alex has edited everything from animated features to broadcast television to commercials.

His work has carried him all over the world, working on projects from LA to Europe.

Alex is excited to partner with Drone Launch Academy in order to make professional aerial photography, cinematography, and video editing skills accessible to everyone, even those who don't have any experience working with drones or professional editing software.

We think you’ll love the course.

Actually, we guarantee it…

We are so confident that you will be blown away by what you’re getting with the course, that we’ve included a 30-day, no questions asked guarantee.

If you sign up, try out the course, and decide that it wasn’t worth the price you paid, then just let us know and we will refund your money on the same day.

No hard feelings. No questions asked.

We literally want to take all the risk on this.

So go ahead and CLICK BELOW to sign up! Get in there and start becoming and Aerial Video Master right now!

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